Changes for next year based on the July 25th Summit:

  • cork board on which students can post requests for help (ex. I need 5 waiters for my restaurant; I need volunteers for my volleyball tourney; I need help with javascript).
  • cork board on which students can offer help (ex. I’m really good at PhotoShop; I like to bake cookies).
  • student mentors
  • more collaboration among different projects
  • students from former years come into the classroom to help and inspire current students
  • gigantic speed dating session among all four class periods
  • more informal chats about what everybody is doing

Students told me that they often didn’t know what other students were doing. They also told me that they would love to help or get involved with other students and their projects. Beginning this school year, we will implement several new ways for students to communicate and collaborate. How many of you know what Lucy is doing in this picture from a 2016 project?