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Community Blogger Form

We’re trying something new this year. If you’d like to be one of our community bloggers, please fill out the short google form at the link above. After I cull together everyone’s information, I’ll get back to you with your student or group. Thanks so much!

Here is an early list of 20% ideas for 2018. (It’s the pdf version of the list below).

More Categories

Another thing for your to consider as you prepare for the 20% Project is whether you would like to work solo or as part of a partnership or small group. Even if you choose to work alone, you can still help others and get help from others. For example, Sean Kane chose to work alone on his Smash Bros. tournaments, but several other students including Roman Dutcher, Phil Koral, Rose Chapman, and Matt Sze-Tu helped Sean along the way. In return, Sean worked on other student’s projects including Jeff Yu’s restaurant.


Summit Results

Changes for next year based on the July 25th Summit:

  • cork board on which students can post requests for help (ex. I need 5 waiters for my restaurant; I need volunteers for my volleyball tourney; I need help with javascript).
  • cork board on which students can offer help (ex. I’m really good at PhotoShop; I like to bake cookies).
  • student mentors
  • more collaboration among different projects
  • students from former years come into the classroom to help and inspire current students
  • gigantic speed dating session among all four class periods
  • more informal chats about what everybody is doing

Students told me that they often didn’t know what other students were doing. They also told me that they would love to help or get involved with other students and their projects. Beginning this school year, we will implement several new ways for students to communicate and collaborate. How many of you know what Lucy is doing in this picture from a 2016 project?


Project Types

We can categorize projects in many ways. One of the most important categorizations is what I call: LOUD and QUIET.

LOUD projects tend to be event-based and massive in scope. They also tend to be very public. Examples include: Jeff Yu’s pop-up restaurant (2017), Pearlanna and Taylor’s spaghetti fundraiser (2016), the Brotatoes world record attempt (2015), Sean Kane’s Smash Bros. tournaments (2017).

QUIET projects tend to be more personal and less public. Examples include: Josh Dolphin’s hiking guide (2017), Kendall Cook’s novel chapters (2016), Monica Hollenbeck’s how-to-draw book (2015), Catie Collins’ travel guide (2017).

You have to pick what’s best for you.


Are you quiet or loud?

The 20% Summit

20% Student:  “It got to the point where the grade didn’t matter. I wanted to finish.”

This sentiment is one of the most important aspects of the 20% Project. Students who select projects that truly speak to their hearts, minds and souls find the greatest success. 20% is not your typical school project. You either do it or you don’t. You can’t wait until the last minute and then copy what somebody else has already done. This is your opportunity to do something amazing.